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Hi friend!

We at the Abbey Coffee Co. just celebrated 10 years of serving our community. We couldn't have successfully make it through the last decade without our loyal customers, baristas, quality bean providers, and our entire community. Thank you and here's to many more!

The Abbey Coffee Co. is a coffee shop constantly searching for ways to serve our customers and friends well. Whether that is providing specialty blends for drip and pour overs or handcrafting seasonal drinks, we aim to provide a delicious experience within the cup and space. Come rest with us and dive into some tasty brew!

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Spring Drink


Earthy tasting notes of our house-made beetroot syrup, creamy chocolates within Madcap’s espresso, and the citrusy brightness of freshly squeezed and zested lime, all bonded beneath your choice of whole or oat milk. Topped with a burned lime peel to allow the aromatic element of lime to float over the surface.
*add honey for sweetness



lavender and vanilla syrup - lavender chamomile tea - earl gray tea - ube - milk

While steeping a mixture of Kilogram’s Earl Gray tea and Onyx Coffee’s Lavender Chamomile tea, we prepare the cup with a shot of our house-made lavender-vanilla syrup. Once the tea and syrup have been combined, we steam together ube syrup and your choice of milk to create a purple tinted, lightly sweet, and creamy topper. Finally, a freshly dried lavender stem is placed on top to continue the dreamy lavender aroma.



sicilian lemonade - strawberry rhubarb syrup - mint and lime ice cubes

This spring drink will leave you refreshed and ready for the warmer weather! First, we place mint and lime ice cubes within a delicate, tall glass. Then we mix together strawberry rhubarb syrup with Fever Tree’s Sicilian lemonade to ignite the tartness of the rhubarb with the earthy sweetness of the strawberry and lemonade. Finally, we give it a stir to reveal the peachy pink color.


Customer Reviews:

  • "Hidden Gem Alert. I’m not even sure if I can consider this “hidden”. I’m guessing everyone in Marion knows this place exists. But if you’re not from Marion, immediately stop your car and visit. Best Latte I ever had. No exaggeration."

    - Mr. Dials

  • "I went in to grab some coffee before work, and it was honestly a fantastic latte! The atmosphere seemed very calm and relaxing, my barista was very polite, nice, and had a wonderful personality, and everything was priced appropriately! I have and will be going back!"

    -Victor F.

  • "I come here every Saturday to do school work before I go to work, I absolutely love this place! The music's great, the people are so nice too! 10/10 definitely recommend."

    -Natalie H.

  • "The best coffee in town for sure. I get my wife a coffee there at least once a week of not more. Great coffee and great atmosphere. Also not overly expensive and a very simple menu."

    -Kyle T.