We at the Abbey just celebrated 10 years of serving our community of Grant County. We couldn't have successfully make it through the last decade without our loyal customers, baristas, quality bean providers, and our entire community. Thank you!

The Abbey Coffee Co. is a coffee shop constantly searching for ways to serve our customers and friends well. Whether that is providing specialty blends for drip and pour overs or handcrafting seasonal drinks, we aim to provide a delicious experience within the cup and space. Come rest with us and dive into some tasty brew!

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This lightly sweet drink is crafted first by traditionally preparing matcha as our drink base and adding vanilla. Then using our favorite Ube, we steam your choice of milk and the ube syrup together to create the naturally sweet and purple milk. Pouring the matcha and the ube together, we combine the flavors and allow the matcha to suspend creating the marshmallow topper. Finally, we garnish the drink with toasted marshmallows.


Winter Seasonal Drink

Strawberry Mocha

The classic strawberry mocha is prepared with our in-house made strawberry sauce, rich dark chocolate syrup, madcap espresso and a dusting of freeze dried, crushed strawberries. Served hot or iced.


Spring Drink

Raspberry Hibiscus Fizz

While steeping Onyx Coffee Lab’s Raspberry Hibiscus tea, we combine bottled Fever-Tree’s Sparkling Sicilian Lemonade with freshly frozen lime and raspberry ice cubes. Then we shake the tea with ice until cold and combine it with  all of the ingredients in a glass, finally served with a raspberry and lime bamboo spoke to allow for easy stirring.



Maple Sage Latte

To ease away the winter days, we’ve crafted this sweet, smooth, and soothing latte. Prepared with our house-made maple sage syrup and poured together with your choice of milk and Madcap’s espresso. Finally, the Maple Sage Latte is garnished with a dried sage leaf for an added aeromatic element.


Sweet Tart Tonic

This bubbly espresso tonic is loosely based on the classic and well-known Shirley Temple. We first combine Fever-Tree’s classic tonic with a splash of Cherry Republic’s Cherry Simple Syrup, then topped it off with Madcap’s rich chocolate espresso and garnish with two maraschino cherries. 


Customer Reviews:

  • "Hidden Gem Alert. I’m not even sure if I can consider this “hidden”. I’m guessing everyone in Marion knows this place exists. But if you’re not from Marion, immediately stop your car and visit. Best Latte I ever had. No exaggeration."

    - Mr. Dials

  • "I went in to grab some coffee before work, and it was honestly a fantastic latte! The atmosphere seemed very calm and relaxing, my barista was very polite, nice, and had a wonderful personality, and everything was priced appropriately! I have and will be going back!"

    -Victor F.

  • "I come here every Saturday to do school work before I go to work, I absolutely love this place! The music's great, the people are so nice too! 10/10 definitely recommend."

    -Natalie H.

  • "The best coffee in town for sure. I get my wife a coffee there at least once a week of not more. Great coffee and great atmosphere. Also not overly expensive and a very simple menu."

    -Kyle T.